You Want a Nutrition Program

With Proven Results!

Are you tired of fad diets that are overly complicated and impossible to follow?

It's time for a solution designed to get you results with tools & support, healthy habits & lifestyle.

Our program is designed to help you reduce body fat, shed pounds, sleep better, recover faster, and fuel your workouts!

What's included...

Before and After...

Body Composition Scans

($60 Value)

By determining your ratio of body fat and muscle, we eliminate the guesswork and will be able to customize the nutrition and meal plan specifically for YOU!

AND, you'll have tangible, measured results of your progress!

Custom Assigned...

Meal Plan with Grocery List, Recipe Guides and Success Roadmap ($300 value)

You'll be able to lose weight, build muscle, and feel great without ever feeling deprived or starving yourself. Plus, you'll have all the support you need from our team of experts who are here to help you every step of the way.

Personally Assigned...

Accountability Support Coach ($500 value)

We know that making a change can be tough. That’s why we are going to assign you to a dedicated coach who is here to help – with the tools and support you need to create lasting habits and achieve your goals and guide you on the journey.

MyZone workout data collaboration...

Workout Intensity integration


Not required but we highly recommend the use of a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor during the challenge. For those who have one, we can use your MyZone heart rate data to fine tune your caloric intake, to assess your workout intensity, and coach you to greater success!

**MyZone offered at $99 at signup (reg $159)

Weekly Personal Growth...

Themed ZOOM Sessions (Priceless!)

We will be hosting weekly Zoom sessions for the community with life-skill themes! These will be interactive sessions with the Challenge community where personal challenges, learnings, and best practices are also shared!

Come prepared to LEARN & SHARE!

Fun & Challenging Engagement...

Participant-Only activities (Priceless!)

We will be hosting exclusive mini-challenges all designed to bring out your full potential and make the journey fun and exciting. At the end you will be feeling stronger, moving better, and you'll have tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle!


100% Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee our results 100% for ALL of our services. Our team's mission is to get you results and have fun doing it ❤️ At the end of the challenge if you don't believe you received the best support and training necessary it won't cost you a thing!

Our 'Fueled by Sanctum' Program Gets Results!

This program is proven to reduce body fat by up to 5% (& more!) and we've seen members lose as much as 20 pounds in just 6 weeks and keep it off! This is for anyone who is ready to take it to the next level.

REAL 6wk Program Results

Tim Holz - down 20# (-6.2% BF)

Elaine Dicicci - down 7#

Keith Richardson - down 13#

Kyle Creasy - down 8#

David Chapman - down 10#

Jake Smith - down 10#

Total Value of Over $800!

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This program is for those want access to complete nutrition, accountability and lifestyle coaching, and get the job done! Our 3 pillar approach is the perfect solution to help you be energized, healthy, and fit!

Pillar 1:



You will score points for each week you attend 3 or MORE classes. AND - You will be able to track your own progress which will help you continue to improve, avoid plateaus and keep seeing results far past this initial 6 week period.

Pillar 2:



After your complete body composition scan you will have your own custom meal plan. Exactly what you need given your body, schedule, and food preferences. SO, it is not only doable but enjoyable. We adjust every week as needed to make sure you see results week-in and week-out.

Pillar 2 (cont):



We will help you map out your exact grocery list so you know what to buy at the grocery store, and leave nothing to guesswork. Average person spends ~$45/week on groceries for 21 meals at local grocery stores. Our process will cut down on your time in the grocery store with most people getting in and out in under 15min.

Pillar 3:



Not only will you have us when you are in the gym working out but your assigned accountability coach is just a click away. Whenever you need for help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. We are here to help you succeed. They will also CHECK-IN WEEKLY to congratulate you on your success and keep you on track

You can't outwork a bad diet.

Our program provides you with the education, tools, and support you need to finally make progress with your nutrition. We give you everything you need to succeed, including weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.

Imagine how good it will feel when you accelerate your results and see those results in the mirror – not just from your workouts but also from your nutrition. With the Fueled by Sanctum Program, that’s exactly what you can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Exactly Do I Get?

We will begin the program by doing a body composition scan, we will use that to build your custom meal plan bundle which includes grocery list, meal builder, eating out guides, etc. These are yours to keep forever. You'll also get to participate in all special events exclusive to this challenge. You'll also get access to a special app that has your daily habits and check-in features to communicate with your coach. At the end you will get another body comp scan to document your results. And last, a lifetime of memories and the results are yours to keep at no additional cost 😉.

2. What is the success rate with this challenge?

The Fueled by Sanctum Program is focused on flexible eating and habits based nutrition. Rather than looking at food as an arbitrary set of rigid numbers like counting calories or macros. We've comprehensively studied this program and found it to be the best choice for our style of training and longevity. This program is founded in education and habit building. The results we've seen are impressive but you always get what you put in. For those who show up and follow the plan the success rate is 90%+!

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